Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Poetry Of Charles Manson

Rags, This Is A Letter To You 

It is my hope and dream
To hook up through the satellites
With everyone that's in the Family
Red and Blue, Green, Gold and Yellow
All the girls that are in jail with me
That gave their lives, took their lives
Gave their lives again

This is on the other side of the noose
That hangs in the sky
Where the infinite consciousness
Within all living things cry
Sometimes you can just hang there and fly

I was going to give you some poetry
Of how it feels to be lonely
To be alone, with no one, sitting down in the hole
No letters for five years
Just turned sixteen

I almost got adopted once
But they took a guy who was deaf and dumb
Brought him to California
Put him on a ranch
He took a gun and started shooting cows
Johnny Holiday

All the cowboys in the Rio were like outlaws
Steel sharpened
Knives came through the spirits eyes
Landed right on my tongue

I had to learn everything all by myself
The first thing I learned was:
Don't Trust Anyone
No more than you do yourself
If we're gonna do something in this world
We've gotta do it right
Underneath all that ever was
Reasons and rhymes wound up tight
Astral flight, my spiralling staircase dreams
Lucifer my brother, died of strings
Come on in, with your organ, cupid-man flies
Coming down the highway, crystal palace dreams
Dreams dreamin' on, know what I'm feelin'
Far is the country, way out on a balmy sea
Sail--Sailing on home boy, sailing on home
Singing it on home

First Recollection

I was in the back of this horse-drawn wagon
Some kids had a bucket over my head
They were poundin' on this bucket
The people drivin' the wagon (Uncle Jess)
Looked over the seat, down at me
And told me to "Shut up the racket"

Then I was in a cabin once
A ghost with no head came to me
With a long butcher knife
Scared my mother
She put that fear off on me
I took that fear and went with my grandmother
I remember ridin' on this train, singin'
"I've been workin' on the railroad"

My grandpa worked on the railroad
The C & O down in Kentucky
Around Big Sandy and Morehead
Up in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Paradise on earth, woods and weeds
We were still a reality
Then grandma told me about Jesus

Tellin' me to give my heart to the Lord
So I did that, just what she told me to do
It was right there by the Federal prison
In a little Nazarene church
I went on down the road from that
With that bucket on my head:
"Shut up that racket Charlie!"

Dreams Of Channel Five 

Set out on the road ran
Set to run through graveyards of man
Set to raise righteous war
Set to complete this endless opening door
Look into vast
Lasting forever
Or as long as we can hold the moment

Avenues of church pews
Hold the fears
Look into spirituals
Circles on circles
Some have denied their wheel
Coming around again
Back through

What I feel
Slumbering dragons
Leading their prey
Through dreams of channel five

A Poem About An Old Prison Man 

Waiting on Death Row
People coming in overalls
Taking me to the gas chamber
Scuffling of feet
They took him down the hallway
Feeling everyone's heartbeat
The central control of the soul
Batons and retro-tons
Ingrown toenails
One time all around you
All round you, bump-bump
Save my air, save my air
My air, my air
Air, water, trees
Machines eating the night
Energy moving
Nuclear fires
Burning reactors on my gate
Fires of hell are burning
Come home
Can you see
Can you say
That you say
That you really love this place?

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