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A White Man Speaks Out

Glenn Miller's autobiography entitled "A White Man Speaks Out" is a captivating read that encapsulates the White Power movement of the 80s. There are numerous anecdotes told by the charismatic Glenn Miller throughout the entire book. I felt as though I got to know and understand the author by reading his struggle and triumph, his inevitable decline and defeat. Glenn did the best he could at the time, when taking into consideration, the Jews, blacks, and ultimately his own people were aligned against him. I personally salute his efforts. 

We could use a Glenn Miller in each and every state.

We all have a past, and most of us weren't immune to this decadent, Jewish culture. Glenn Miller was previously married to a Hawaiian woman who he fathered a child with before he went full 1488. He met this woman while serving in the army and being stationed at Hawaii. Not much else is mentioned about this, the only reason it was brought up initially in the book is because Glenn was worried about the Jews using this information to discredit him from forming the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. 

Glenn knew all the right people, Harold Covington was one of them. Glenn met Covington around 1976 when he joined the National Socialist Party Of America. After four years with the NSPA, most of the time spent as the unit leader, Glenn failed to attract sufficient membership. The NSPA meetings never exceeded 40 members, and the average was usually 10 to 15. Conventional white men, no matter how much they agree with the message, refuse to associate themselves with the Swastika or the word Nazi. This fact enticed Glenn to quit the NSPA in 1980, and begin his own group, The Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Personally, I thought those same people would be opposed to the CKKKK, but as I continued to read the book I was obviously mistaken. 

Before we progress, I'd like to focus on Harold Covington, who in our circles has a terrible reputation. It should be acknowledged that Covington never quit the NSPA, to which he was fiercely devoted. In fact, he spent $5000 of his own money to get one of the defendants who was involved in the notorious Greensboro Massacre with the Communist Workers Party out on bond. He also launched a nationwide fund drive to help the others get out, and to support their families. It was around this time that Harold inherited $90,000 upon the death of his grandfather. He announced he was spending it on the party, and rented a two-story building in West Raleigh, at a cost of $900 a month, for use as the NSPA headquarters, and as a living quarters for several members.

The Greensboro Massacre of November 3, 1979 was a deadly confrontation between factions of the Ku Klux Klan and American Nazi Party on one side and a group called the Communist Workers Party on the other. Glenn was caught in the middle of the shootout, but never claimed to have personally fired back any rounds. From what he says, "The first shots were fired directly at me." The fight lasted a sacred 88 seconds, and once the smoke cleared, five commie faggots were dead on the ground with an additional 12 wounded. This is what happens when Whitey fights back. However, 2 Klansmen were slightly wounded accidentally by shotgun pellets fired from other Klansmen. Once the police arrived after the shootout, Klansmen and Nazis were apprehended. As for the opposition, not a single arrest was made. However, all ours guys were acquitted on the grounds of self-defense. As for Glenn, he got himself involved by attending a White racist meeting in Louisburg, NC the week prior. A spokesperson for the Christian Knights of the KKK announced his group would stage an Anti-Communist demonstration in Greensburg the following Saturday in protest of a planned rally by the Communist Workers Party. Glenn along with several other Nazis took the initiative to show up as well. 

Glenn Miller never wanted to be the leader of any organization, but it was the utter failure of two previous groups, i.e. NSPA and the National States Rights Party, he served for a total of six years that enticed him to found the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in 1980. The purpose of this was to unite, organize and educate the white masses. Glenn was more successful than most, until the insidious kike, Morris Dees felt a future Holocaust would be inevitable if Glenn was permitted to engage his constitutional rights. Glenn was successful in attracting younger women to his movement, which encouraged young men to follow. It was an active front, and unlike other clans was nonviolent. There were speeches, marches, firearms practice, etc. Glenn kept it fun and interesting. He was also a charismatic speaker which attracted more and more membership. A typical march through a nigger neighborhood would include 500 white men screaming "White Power!" In the end, Glenn could boast of a membership of 5000.

Diplomacy and social cohesion is a difficult task in the Pro-White movement. Regardless of what we're up against infighting will forever be part of the culture. Glenn Miller's personal friend and ally was shot dead by a shotgun blast by James Holder, a fellow clansman. This takes infighting to a new level. The two men hated each other, even though they were both highly successful den leaders. The argument that resulted in the death of David Wallace ended up costing James Holder 18 years in a North Carolina penitentiary. 

Shortly after the infighting fiasco, Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center of Montgomery, Alabama came to Raleigh in October 1983, and filed a $1 million dollar civil lawsuit against Glenn Miller and the CKKKK for violating the civil rights of Bobby Person (a nigger) and conspiracy to violate the civil rights of Black citizens of the state. Glenn was oftentimes hilarious at court, he once motioned for Morris Dees to take an AIDS test. We must keep in mind though, that the Jew is nothing if not clever. Dees promised to go easy on Miller if he signed a paper stating he would refrain from clan activity, and also from keeping contact with anyone in that organization. By doing so he actually violated his civil rights. Dees would use this piece of unconstitutional paper against him, as the judge eagerly complied to get a conviction years down the line. This court case went on for three years or so. 

In the meantime, this didn't slow down Glenn, who was determined to set the record straight. Robeson County, a place that was previously off limits due to fear of Indians had to be reconciled. The last Klan rally at 1958 was a total disaster, 50 Klansmen were fleeting for their lives when 2000 armed Indians chased them out. Glenn however in 1984 managed to pull it off with 150 armed men and support from a few hundred locals. The speeches went over well as the 30 foot cross burned through the night. 

After this, The Order showed up in North Carolina to meet Glenn, who at the time was one of the most prominent characters in the White Power movement. They were receiving great reports on his organization and wanted to sustain it, financially. Glenn would get a grand total of $200,000 in two increments. The first for $75,000 the next for $125,000. All the money was stolen from ZOG's banks. There were a few stipulations, Bob Matthews wanted to know how Glenn planned to use the money to further his White Power cause, keep some receipts for verification, purchase a few reliable vehicles for transportation across state lines, put a few guys on payroll, etc. Miller made good use of the money, he was able to publish and distribute substantial copies of his newspaper entitled, The Confederate Leader in the hopes of educating the masses. Other money went to a computer, video camera and VCR. Salaries for three people, 10 acres of land for a training camp, a few vehicles, typewriter, etc. And also bail money and legal expenses. 

Come black history month 1985, The Order was on it's last leg. Order member David Lane, with the FBI hot on his trail contacted Glenn for help. Allegedly, from what Miller says, David is responsible for the murder of the insufferable shock jock, Alan Berg. He was the Jew who preceeded Howard Stern. Glenn ended up having his fellow Klansman, Doug drive him down to Idaho. That plan however backfired, things were too hot in Idaho, and instead he ended up hiding Lane in a mountain cabin just over the Virginia line from Western North Carolina. Lane was arrested in early April as he was leaving a Winn Dixie supermarket in Winston-Salem, NC.

Glenn held a press conference the following month to announce the name change of his organization to the White Patriot Party. The man finally came to his senses and realized the Klan label was hindering further development and membership prospects.

He also found out the hard way when running for public office that most people aligned with his beliefs do not vote. The people who do, however, and are aware of his background have a tendency to never vote for known racists. That's the just the way it is. The only man to ever succeed in public office who had a past in the Klan was David Duke. And that was a fucking miracle. 

The White Patriot Party did exceedingly well, niggers were treating white people with respect, Indians consumed more bottom shelf booze than ever before, and Jews couldn't keep their hands from shaking while attempting to slurp up matzo ball soup. The 80s were a great time to be white! I'm from that era and can personally attest. Nothing lasts forever though, Whitey.

 Glenn's 5-day trail began at July 21, 1986. With Jews you lose, and this is precisely what happened when Morris Dees decided Glenn Miller would personally ignite the second Holocaust. Or should I say the first? Either way he got fucked. Morris Dees had millions to blow on ruining Glenn, fake witnesses that sounded plausible, and informants. However, it was the bullshit written agreement that Glenn signed, stating he would disengage from the movement alone that sealed his fate. An agreement that infringed on his constitutional rights that resulted in a shabbos goy judge sentencing him to six months active imprisonment, with six more suspended and three years probation. Plus, the exile from the party would be upheld until after the probation. It should also be noted how difficult it was for Glenn to attain an attorney. He was turned down numerous times because of his background in racism. Let this be a lesson to you all, the system has been rigged against us for a long, long time. Glenn gave immediate notice of appeal and would be released on $10,000 signature bond while awaiting ruling.

As the White Patriot Party disintegrated Glenn Miller went underground and declared war against the Jews and Federal Government while out on bond. Using a rented copy machine, he printed out 2,000 copies of his Declaration Of War, and mailed them to around 1,900 selected members of the White Patriot Party, other White Groups, the Assosiated Press, U.S. Attorney Sam Currin, the U.S. Congress and Senate, SBI, FBI, UPI, CBS, NBC, New York Times and other newspapers around the country.

Glenn allowed three days for receipt of the declarations, then phoned U.S. Attorney Sam Currin via Mike Blackmon, of WPTF radio, in Raleigh, NC and listed demands, which were (1) $888,000 in damages for violating the rights of 5,000 members of the White Patriot Party, (2) Restoration of my constitutional rights, (3) The release of Stephen Miller from prison, (4) A meeting with the State Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Attorney Sam Currin, with media present, (5) An investigation into the Southern Poverty Law Suit Center and Morris Dees for malicious and illegal use of the federal courts persecute members of the WPP, (6) Null and void my July 1986 conviction for operating a paramilitary organization, (7) Allow me to return as leader of the White Patriot Party unhindered by federal authorities, and (8) an apology. 

The inevitable transpired: Glenn Miller was told to go fuck himself. At this point he was irate and left with no other option besides to initiate Race War Now! However, what exactly did transpire is purposely left blank. Glenn did not want to incriminate himself furthermore. All we can do is speculate.

After six weeks on the run, Glenn and his three comrades, Jack Jackson, Douglas Sheets, and Tony Wydra were apprehended by the FEDs inside their rented mobile home at an Ozark, Missouri trailer park. 

The justice department offered Glenn Miller a plea bargain deal. He was to plead guilty to one count of felony possession of a hand grenade in answer all questions posed to him by the authorities. In return, they would recommend a 5 year prison sentence immunity from any further prosecution by either state or federal authorities, an entrance into the federal witness protection program which included the financial support of his family while he served my sentence.

Glenn alleged, "As a result of my plea bargain and subsequent interrogations, not one single soul ever served one day in jail on account of me and not one single soul was ever indicted for any crime whatsoever on account of me."

On the 23rd of August, 1990 Glenn Miller was officially out of prison and reunited with his family in Sioux City, Iowa. 11 months later his wife gave birth to their sixth child. Shortly after that Glenn enrolled in truck driving school, and earned himself a viable income to support his large family. He managed to keep himself out of trouble for years to come, but the man never renounced his beliefs and would eventually make a comeback.

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