Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Poetry Of Charles Manson

Rags, This Is A Letter To You 

It is my hope and dream
To hook up through the satellites
With everyone that's in the Family
Red and Blue, Green, Gold and Yellow
All the girls that are in jail with me
That gave their lives, took their lives
Gave their lives again

This is on the other side of the noose
That hangs in the sky
Where the infinite consciousness
Within all living things cry
Sometimes you can just hang there and fly

I was going to give you some poetry
Of how it feels to be lonely
To be alone, with no one, sitting down in the hole
No letters for five years
Just turned sixteen

I almost got adopted once
But they took a guy who was deaf and dumb
Brought him to California
Put him on a ranch
He took a gun and started shooting cows
Johnny Holiday

All the cowboys in the Rio were like outlaws
Steel sharpened
Knives came through the spirits eyes
Landed right on my tongue

I had to learn everything all by myself
The first thing I learned was:
Don't Trust Anyone
No more than you do yourself
If we're gonna do something in this world
We've gotta do it right
Underneath all that ever was
Reasons and rhymes wound up tight
Astral flight, my spiralling staircase dreams
Lucifer my brother, died of strings
Come on in, with your organ, cupid-man flies
Coming down the highway, crystal palace dreams
Dreams dreamin' on, know what I'm feelin'
Far is the country, way out on a balmy sea
Sail--Sailing on home boy, sailing on home
Singing it on home

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

His Name Was Joseph Paul Franklin

Disgruntled, depressed and disillusioned over the inaction and total capitulation of whites in the current race war, I reached for the bookshelf and pulled out James Mason's Siege to pick up where I recently left off. I was seeking both solace and answers to the plight of Whitey, when I found myself on chapter 6.14 entitled, To Kill or Not to Kill. This was my initial introduction to Joseph Franklin. 

Joseph Franklin was known as the Racist Killer. His transient killing spree lasted from 1977 - 1980 leaving between 7 and 21 victims in his wake. The world has yet to replace Joe with any likely candidate, the only one who resonates in America is Dylan Roof. 

Joseph Franklin was overzealous in his approach around the late 70s. Opposed to the cuck for a buck method required under Jewish capitalism, Joe opted to rob up to 16 banks in order to fund his killing spree across state lines.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Respect The Rules Of Nature

A few years ago, when I was on my third and final Twitter account, videos of white people being brutalized by feral niggers were circulating around like Black & Milds in your favorite ghetto neighborhood. Since that time period the attacks have amplified, tenfold. Apparently, Whitey still refuses to fight back. I viewed a video today in which a white man is attacked by a stereotypical nigger in a department store. Instead of respecting the rules of nature and engaging in self-defense, the weakling actually apologized to the nigger. This is how wars are lost, White Man.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Faggots Are Insufferable

Summer is now synonymous with sodomy. I'd advise us to all to collectively hold our noses as Gay Pride Month makes another putrid appearance. These are special people, so special, in fact, that they evidently deserve an entire month to celebrate their sexuality. How low can they go? Imagine basing your entire personality on your sexual persuasion. Pathetic and malodorous! 

Guillaume Faye, in his provocative book entitled, Sex & Deviance stated that, "One can be proud of what one has become, of what one does, of one's capacities, but to declare oneself proud of one's sexual orientation is to set the bar for pride pretty low. Moreover, openly declaring that one is 'proud of oneself' proves, psychologically, that one is not; it is a kind of self-persuasion." 

Monday, June 15, 2020

A White Man Speaks Out

Glenn Miller's autobiography entitled "A White Man Speaks Out" is a captivating read that encapsulates the White Power movement of the 80s. There are numerous anecdotes told by the charismatic Glenn Miller throughout the entire book. I felt as though I got to know and understand the author by reading his struggle and triumph, his inevitable decline and defeat. Glenn did the best he could at the time, when taking into consideration, the Jews, blacks, and ultimately his own people were aligned against him. I personally salute his efforts. 

We could use a Glenn Miller in each and every state.

We all have a past, and most of us weren't immune to this decadent, Jewish culture. Glenn Miller was previously married to a Hawaiian woman who he fathered a child with before he went full 1488. He met this woman while serving in the army and being stationed at Hawaii. Not much else is mentioned about this, the only reason it was brought up initially in the book is because Glenn was worried about the Jews using this information to discredit him from forming the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. 

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Stand Your Ground

Italians in South Philly took the moral incentive to collectivize and fight back against the Jewish brainwashing of political correctness. Armed with baseball bats and guns they proudly proclaimed "Christopher Columbus did nothing wrong!" Roman Salutations to these men.

Deep in their masculine hearts they inherently knew something had to be done to protect their heritage and history. If not, the trend of destruction would have prevailed. Not on their watch! These men have the blood of Roman legionnaires pumping through their veins. 

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Harold Covington's Hijacked Dream

Well, it finally happened. Harold Covington's dream of seizing territory in the Northwest has been accomplished! The only problem is, it was achieved by the opposition. Our side has officially hit a new low. Manifest laughingstock.

As White Nationalists settled for kvetching over injustice on social media, an Untamed Gorilla, Antifa and a slew of self-loathing white people took our territory. By all means though, keep loafing in the comment section instead of marching in the streets. You are one moderator approved comment away from making Harold Covington proud!

It's not just you, though. There are others guilty of living in delusion, they even have the audacity, accompanied by the popularity, to guide our people away from the goalpost. They have told us before and continue to tell us, all we have to do is wait, there's not enough of us yet. Yet? Let me tell you something. This is as good as it gets. We don't have time to squander when every minute counts against us. I can't even leave my house without seeing brown people. 

Friday, June 12, 2020

Glenn Miller's Declaration Of War

April 6, 1987

Dear White Patriots;

I warned those SOBs. Since December 20th, 1980 when I formed the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, I have pleaded with the federal dogs to leave me alone and to allow me to work peacefully and legally within the system for my Race. At hundreds of meetings I have pleaded with our members to obey the law and to work within the system. You all know this to be true. All I ever wanted to do was to work for my Race and for the future of my children and for the children of my People. I always said that once we had 1,000 White men in uniform marching in the streets on a regular basis, that the masses of our People would flood into our ranks and join with us. The federal dogs and their Jew masters knew this too and refused to allow it.

That's why they destroyed the White Patriot Party on July 25th, 1986 when they used desperate convicts seeking federal favors and lying ambitious federal agents to obtain guilty verdicts against myself, Stephen Miller and the WPP. Their star witness Robert Norman Jones who testified that he had met me on 3 occasions, and that I had given him $50,000 and instructed him to obtain stolen and illegal weapons and explosive and to train members, lied throughout the trial. I had never before in my entire life even seen Robert Norman Jones prior to the trial, and I underwent a lie-detector test after my trial to prove it. I was innocent but found guilty because of lies purchased by the Justice Department and the Southern Poverty Law Center. I do not forgive them.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Poem: Six Million More

We will resist
the temptations
of the flesh
and sustain
the moral order
by turning off 
Jewish pornography

We will stand up
for our people
by opposing the
Jewish influenced
browning of America
we love our own kind
we'll fight the entire way 

We will pick up arms
if that's what it takes 
in this eternal struggle
of the Jew vs Aryan
to secure the existence
of our people
and a future for white children

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

We Can't Buy Our Way Out Of Diversity With Jewish Money

The block which I currently reside, at one point, was a decent place to live. Brown people of all shapes and sizes weren't so commonplace a few years ago. However, diversity does not care about homogeneity, and diversity waits for no one. As white citizens of modernity, living under Jewish dominion, this is where we stand.

I wasn't always this hateful and contemptuous of other groups of people, years ago I had a Jewish girlfriend, and I can usually get along with blacks on the workforce. Although, there was that one occasion when I took a stance against workplace negro music, and conveyed to my emotionally insecure black co-worker how much I hated his culture. This almost enticed a fist fight. Fortunately for me the aggression subsided. I came close to being charged with a hate crime that day.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Never Apologize For The Past

From the boomer generation to the children of modernity, we're all products of a degenerate, Jewish culture. This is the price we collectively pay for remaining docile in an occupied country. 

There is nothing we can do to alter our past, what's done is done, the future is now. Nor should we feel obliged to apologize for it. Personally, I'm not gonna convey how deeply sorry I am for not taking the red pill at an earlier date. My intellectual journey and transition required both time and patience. Going full 1488 is quite a commitment. Besides, Glenn Miller of all people is guilty of marrying a Hawaiian woman and fathering a child with her before he transitioned to our side, so give me and the other guys a fucking break. I surely wrote some degenerate poetry that encapsulated my past, but I never went that far. 

Friday, June 5, 2020

Mass Suicide Of White America

Niggers proclaim Black Lives Matter, their negro fists held to the sky, while pathetic white people get down on their knees to apologize for alleged racism that has nothing personally to do with them. White solidarity is repugnant. This is what constitutes change in the Jewish States of America.

I’ve never witnessed anything like this, where copious amounts of white people are aligned with the very people, i.e. blacks, who hate them, endeavoring to destroy what is rightfully theirs!

White pride worldwide is a fallacy.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Poem: Black Crimes Matter

For every 
white person
that kneeled on 
asphalt for negros 
who are playing 
nice today 
only to rape you
we will pay 
the price together 

For every 
public apology 
to a race of people 
who turned our 
nice neighborhoods 
into dilapidated 
crime havens
we will collectively 
pay the price

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Now Approaching Turner Diaries

I find it ironic how the faggot, emasculated left, is more masculine and determined to fight for what they believe in, than the far-right is. Where do we go from here?

One dead nigger inspired the negro masses and their motley crew of self-loathing white allies to riot in the streets, setting cities ablaze to solidify their point. As this transpired, white people in numerous states were brutally beaten and left for dead. Even an older white woman could not escape the wrath of muh 400 years of negro aggression. Nobody came to their rescue, not a Siege mask in sight. I suppose injustice begets injustice.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Bob Matthews' Letter To The US Congress

All of you together are not solely responsible for what has happened to America, but each of you, without exception, is partly responsible. And the day will come when each of you will be called to account for that responsibility.

The day will come when your complicity in the betrayal of the 55,000 Americans who were sacrificed in Vietnam will be called to account. Whether you were a “hawk” or a “dove” will not carry much weight then. All that will matter is that you played politics while they were dying. All we will ask you is why you failed in your responsibility to them and to America, why you failed to use the full power of your office to expose the treason of your colleagues.

The day will come when your subservience to the Anti American “Israel Lobby” will be called to account. Your votes to strip American arsenals so that Zionists can hold on to stolen land; you acquiescence in a policy which has turned all our Arab friends into enemies, seriously jeopardized our oil lifeline, and bankrupted our national economy, those things are inexcusable. And no plea that you “had to do it,” that the Jewish pressure on you was too great to resist, will acquit you.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Empathy, Apathy & The Palestinian Question

First off, this is not an attack against any in particular group or individual, it's merely something that must be said. We're disorganized, divided by dogma, and obviously disoriented. However, we need to stay focused on where we stand as a collective.

Now I will acknowledge the way Jews treat Palestinians is immoral and downright genocidal. Most of us have watched the irrefutable evidence on JewTube in utter revulsion at how Jews oftentimes slaughter the Palestinian people, even their women and children aren't immune to the injustice. 

This doesn't however entice me to wave the flag of Palestine. I'll be honest and say the only reason I care what happens to Palestinians in Israel is because it can be used as leverage against the Jews.