Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Origin Of Misogyny

Gustave Courbet, The Origin of the World, 1866, Musée d’Orsay, Paris. Photo via artsy.net

The origin of the world, and also the phenomenon known as misogyny can symbolically be traced back to the above controversial painting. Nobody hates women more than women. 

Betacucks and ferocious feminists will vilify me as a misogynist for even bringing up the topic, this is to be expected. Well regardless of the feels involved the topic needs to be addressed, men are sick of misrepresentation. As for the betacucks, they and I both know that no matter how sycophantic they remain, they'll collectively be jerking off into oblivion. Women despise you faggots almost as much as they despise other women.

As fan of fiction and proponent of masculinity, I can't help but speak positively about the work of Ernest Hemingway. In this Anti-White world of woke culture, which also happens to be vehemently Anti-Male, I noticed that whenever Hemingway's name is brought up in conversation, retards jump at the opportunity to smear him as a misogynist. How they reached this stupified notion is beyond me, especially since Hemingway was married four times and created a few daughters. Somehow this makes him anti-woman. The man remained married until he blew his brains out with a double-barrelled shotgun. If anything I'd say this exemplifies his devotion to loving the opposite sex more than loving himself.

A married heterosexual white man can't disparage women or offer any criticism whatsoever without being labeled a misogynist. I've experienced this first hand when I was snitched out in a showmanship of solidarity by my female co-workers. This precipitated an office talk over my blatant disregard for female hegemony. Initially I didn't refer to any of the women as cunts or rant about anything that could be construed as anti-woman rhetoric, I merely mentioned the immodesty of their work attire, and how inappropriate it was in a professional work setting. This unsavory opinion of mine had consequences. It also confirmed my suspicions of the mentality women have to collectively destroy the male opposition as they see fit. 

Hundreds of thousands of men have dated women who utterly deplored other women, usually over optics, e.g. bigger tits, better legs, slender figures etc. When we hear women say how bad they hate that bitch, it's because that bitch is better looking. Yeah, women are quite superficial. In fact, there's a correlation between infidelity and jealousy that can be attributed to female behavior. Women will fuck other men, no matter how unattractive the specimen, just to spite the other woman for being more attractive. Women hate feeling inferior.

Female paranoia is tantamount to that of an LSD user or crackhead when they're in a social setting seeking out attention from the opposite sex. They're always worried about that other "bitch" invading their territory and jumping on Marco's dick first. Then comes the self-pity over the mistake of not dressing like a bigger whore to solidify their sexual conquest of that particular night. So if that "bitch" gets first dibs on that dick that'll foster an unrelenting hatred for years to come. 

Men can claim to hate women until a woman of utmost beauty captivates them, then the inevitable will follow, along with marriage and children and death do them part. Men are far more magnanimous than women. How could we say no to their beauty and charms? Women complete men, whereas women tend to view each other as competition. 

Misogyny is a female phenomenon.

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