Thursday, May 28, 2020

Excerpt: Eternity Beach - Race War Now

The war for freedom continued.

Spurred by a novel, an idea, and a vision for the white race that had not been seen since Adolf Hitler inspired millions, city after city trembled in fear and fire, rage and rebellion, death and destruction - even as increasing military confusion left national leaders terrified. 

Garrick Fenstad took it all in, as he and Jorby Wheeler rode in silence down the riot-torn streets of New Orleans. Everywhere they looked, negroes and Mexicans ran wild - robbing, raping, looting, and burning, leaving neighborhood after neighborhood devastated in their wake. 

But this time, there was a consequence; this time, the savage black and brown animals that multiculturalism had unleashed did not get far. Along the streets, scattered about like discarded manikins, Garrick saw hundreds of dead non-whites, many with their arms still clutching stolen loot. Others hung from light poles, dangling like nightmarish tree ornaments celebrating a holiday from Hell. Passing beneath the sprawling limbs of a live oak, he caught sight of a dozen bodies, some black, some brown, some white, swinging gently from its gnarled branches. Men, women, and children, their faces twisted in contorted agony.

Beneath a crudely painted sign, nailed to the trunk, read: 

Niggers, Mexicans and White Traitors
The Day of the Rope Has Arrived
Don't Say You Weren't Warned 

Gazing upon the tableau of death, Garrick couldn't help but feel sick. Why didn't you listen? he wondered, thinking of the US government, its president, its Congress, its Senate. Why didn't you see the warning signs? The growing racial hatred? The rise of 'hate-groups'? The ominous publication of novels like The Turner Diaries, Hold Back This Day, and many others? The warning signs that were there all along...plain as day, even while you continued pumping millions of illegal aliens into the country? 

Grimly, Garrick knew the answer.

For the US government had failed to heed the warning signs in the same way the ancient citizens of Pompeii had failed to heed the smoke rising above Mount Vesuvius until it was too late. As a result, America was now sinking beneath a lava flow of racial violence and destruction.

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I recently interviewed Ward Kendall.

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