Monday, May 18, 2020

Poem: The Eternal Victim

It doesn't matter 
what we do 
when the media
is under Jewish

We hang up 
innocuous flyers 
that read 
it's ok to be white 
we're denounced
as white supremacists

We tell the truth
at black history month
whites were 
the first slaves 
in America 
they call us racists

We want to preserve
our country and resources
by building a symbolic wall
they slander us 
as xenophobic

We refuse
to support
their homo agenda
and absurdity
of gay rights 
and marriage
now we're homophobic

We name the Jew
and his extended list
of transgressions
that date back centuries
before the time
they murdered Christ
we're denounced
as anti-Semitic

We're not afforded
the right to speak out
against Jewish Supremacy
they de-platform us 
for now 
until another law 
is passed
illegalizing criticism

These are God's
alleged chosen people
you and I are nothing
but stupid goyim 
they want us 
to remain docile and quiet
we don't have the right
to feel pain or injustice
when the eternal victim
own a copyright
on suffering

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