Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A Rebel's Poem By Glenn Miller

Rise up you Aryan Warriors
Rise up you Sons of Dixie 
Rise up you Sons of Great Explorers
Let the world see what you can be 

Stand up, stand proud, and join with us
United, we will stand 
And, free our People from the Jews 
so the South can rise again

Wave Dixie's flag thru-out the land
March with us to Victory
And, when the battle's over 
You'll go down in history

Be brave, be strong, be honor bound
Love your People and your land
Never quit, and never fear 
Be a man, my brothers
and Join the Ku Klux Klan

God Almighty's on our side
we stand for liberty
Full steam ahead, White man
and to hell with the NAACP

Time is short, but it's not out 
Unite and organize is the key 
To brotherhood and victory
For the sons of the Confederacy

For God, Race and Southern Nation 
We'll fight those federal master
Thru-out our land and our seas
For they are Satan's bastards

They love the browns and the blacks
They give them everything they need 
But, the money and the sweat
Comes from you and me 

In return for all we give 
No thanks is ever given
Only ridicule and integration
And, more of the mud-colored heathen

We've had enough, we'll take no more
This is our land, thru all of Dixie
And, by God, our destinies and our rules
Will come from Southern People

Our Rebel fathers are crying
from their earthly beds
Stand up for Dixie, my sons
and hold up your heads
Raise the Stars and Bars 
our Confederate Battle Armor
And Carry on our dying words
Death before dishonor

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