Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Poem: The Modern Woman

Show me
a women 
without a 

Who can hold
her own
in a philosophical

Not dependent
on cosmetics
or affirmations
on Instagram

One who 
doesn't desire
$90 bras
from Victoria's 
filthy little secret

A woman
who hasn't read 
50 Shades Of Grey 

Never heard of 
Milk And Honey 
The Sun And 
Her Flowers
by the most 
overrated poet/
full-time feminist
of the 21st century

Point to me 
a woman without
scorn in her eyes
enmity in her heart

One whose shoes
never scuffed up 
the bloody floors
at the clinic

Who stinks not
of another night
of wasted passion
shots of vodka
and contraception

One who I 
can look in the eyes
and witness life 
instead of 
dilated pupils

This poem was originally published here.

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