Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Pornography Addiction Is Pathetic

There was a bleak time period in my life when all the women were taken, my movie star smile simply would not suffice. I found myself stuck in a state of unwanted solitude suffering immensely. Some people fare well alone. Power to them. For myself however this trajectory has always led to a miserable existence. Loneliness is a curse some of us have to endure. What matters most is how we mitigate the suffering.

I was one of those guys who were jerking off into oblivion as I impatiently awaited for the next woman to arrive. Pornography isn't something I eagerly anticipated. In fact, if anything it was merely a quick release that usually pissed me off. I felt like a complete loser watching some other guy penetrate a woman I had no chance of calling my own. 

Living the life of a disgruntled loser filing one on my taxes actually inspired me to discard porn like an expired condom, and engage real life instead.

I went a solid five months without a woman. Yeah, it was a lonely experience, but the black sun finally rose again due to my perseverance and determination of having a warm body by my side instead of some digital whore being penetrated in every orifice. 

Personally, I find it incomprehensible how some of our guys will literally permit porn to hinder their social productivity. It makes no sense. Only a loser would accept this fate, and losers for the most part do not contribute to fertility. 

I will always denounce and discourage anything that undermines our birthrates. Porn has unequivocally been detrimental to creating the next great generation. It has also contributed to numerous sexually motivated rapes and homicides. Consider that the next time you give the Jews over there at Pornhub a click or two.

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