Thursday, April 23, 2020

Hold Back This Day

Of all the dystopian literature I've read I'd have to say the most memorable book of that genre would be Ward Kendall's Hold Back This Day. What differentiates his book from the rest is the prominence of the racial question within the narrative. The novel depicts a world of Brown Supremacy endeavoring to eradicate whiteness through miscegenation. It also endeavors to rewrite history by supplanting the achievements of white people with those of minorities. What little is left of whiteness in the history books is only there to denigrate and shame their legacy. Sound familiar yet? Now what's ironic in this novel is that all the mongrels are different shades of brown. Problem solved, right? Well, there's still a sense of diversity, and you know what they say about diversity here in Jewmerica: Diversity Is Our Strength, goy. So, what we have now is brown people fighting each other because they're a lighter or darker shade of mud.

Homosexuality is also celebrated and encouraged, in fact, the white protagonists only son is maliciously forced into a homosexual relationship which eventually facilitates his demise. 

White flight is also a theme that appears towards the end of the novel. Only this time it's more extreme than anything we've ever conceptualized or experienced. It really makes the reader consider what we're going to do when there's no other place to relocate. 

The overall narrative is a haunting experience you'll remember for years to come. A world without white people is a place where high time preference, environmental decay and the putrid smell of belligerent brown people killing each other en masse is the way of the world. 

They need us more than we need them.

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