Thursday, April 23, 2020

Coronavirus Has Rendered Our Struggle Useless

Its been a few weeks now since the initial coronavirus shutdown, and the plight of whitey is less relevant than ever. Not that is was really relevant before either, most whites are repulsed by our talking points. Currently though our struggle has reached an all-time low. In fact, the only whiteness that's of any concern comes in the form of toilet paper.

So what are we to do now, and what's the utility of activism in real life if the overwhelming majority of Americans aren't leaving their homes? Well, we could always devote more time to these frivolous echo chamber videos. Take a minute and imagine the impact another Bitchute video could make. Hail victory? Or maybe we could start work on a new book about Jewish power or Nationalism. That's exactly what we need. Another book that points out the culprits or formulates a plan that'll go absolutely nowhere. And what about the Siege fags? Is this not the accelerationism you've longed for? Real nice, right? Most of us have no clue on how we'll pay rent in the coming months, but the system is imploding, fam!

In reality there's actually less we can do now than before. This is all out of our hands, regardless of your delusions of grandeur. We've had modest results in the past, if any, and now the table has turned. Get used to it.

If you're sincerely concerned with change I'd advise you and everyone else in this fringe to find out who's authentic, and learn a lesson in respect. This is an ideal time for us to learn how to be decent to each other. Don't expect progress under disunity. We need to comply with the rules of proper etiquette first and foremost if we want to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

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