Monday, April 27, 2020

A Call For Unprotected Sex

Don't delude yourself into believing any of this online nonsense is making a scintilla of difference in real life. It's not. Especially when we have a fleeting birthrate problem that won't be reconciled anytime soon by allies who sequester themselves from the opposite sex through internet isolation.

Online activism is merely a manifestation of mental masturbation for enlightened white people who cannot discuss any of these subjects in public. This is a digital support group at best. It's also a way to imprudently abuse the sanctity of time.

Let's face the facts together. The battle hasn't just begun, but it's damn near over. Any rational man whose been a part of this dysfunctional "movement" for more than a year knows exactly where we stand. Fear, disorder, nihilism, diversity and stagnation has infected our miniscule numbers like poverty in your favorite black neighborhood.

But at least we have social media, for the time being. And that's all most of us are doing. We continue to make these self-indulgent memes and videos for modest results.

If people really cared they'd join our last hope, i.e. Patriot Front, or they would engage in unprotected sex with a woman they love. After all, only a coward pulls out.

The time for talk is over. It's 2020 we need action! We need our own nation.

Well how are we going to sustain that fantastical nation if we're making 109 excuses for not engaging the struggle, let alone the women?

Five years will pass and the same people kvetching now will be kvetching later, jerking themselves off into oblivion as they vehemently denounce porn. All I can say is don't be one of those people. Time is precious, and so is fertility.

The revolution begins at home.

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