Thursday, April 30, 2020

Instant Bastard Syndrome

Siege is a book of wisdom and foresight. It's also a testament to the dysfunctionality of National Socialists, White Nationalists etc. I'm still unsure why it was so highly recommended. I've been enjoying the book, but I must admit, it can be quite a black pilling experience at times to read page after page of contempt for your fellow ally, and deceit for the sake of power. Siege was inspired by Joseph Tommassi, the most radical conscientious revolutionary of that era. He was another one, like Rockwell, who was killed by his own people. Infighting has hindered productivity for over half a century. Nothings really changed in that aspect.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Poem: The Whiteness Of Toilet Paper

The entire city
reeks of 
hand sanitizer
and fear 

The boomers
are moving
faster than ever

To rectify
the many mistakes
of the past
by purchasing
every single 
roll of toilet paper

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Whiteness: The Original Sin

Whiteness: The Original Sin, is the first and only book I've read so far by Jim Goad. It's not bad by any means for an ex-member of the Wigger Waffen. I say that with all due respect, Jim. I thought all hope was lost when it came to wiggers, but you've totally changed my mind on that one.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Pro-White Poem By Charles Bukowski: Giving Thanks

I have to admire
that most abused of the human
the white American

A Call For Unprotected Sex

Don't delude yourself into believing any of this online nonsense is making a scintilla of difference in real life. It's not. Especially when we have a fleeting birthrate problem that won't be reconciled anytime soon by allies who sequester themselves from the opposite sex through internet isolation.

Poem: How Can Anyone Harbor Such Hatred

They ask us
how can anyone
such hatred

As we sit back
to the transformation
of our countries
losing jobs
losing land
losing everything
that resembles
a place to call home

Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Old Man Speech from A Distant Thunder

“In the name of Almighty God, in the name of a thousand generations past and a thousand more yet to come, the white men and women of America today resume control of our own racial destiny, seizing it back by force of arms from the tyranny of an alien race and their shameful hirelings of a corrupt and wicked government, who have cruelly and viciously abused our people, our laws, our culture, and our civilization. Trusting in divine aid and in the truth and justice of our cause, we proclaim the lands of the Pacific Northwest to be no longer subject to the authority or rule of the government of the United States. We declare that henceforth these lands shall be a sovereign and independent Aryan Republic, a Homeland and a refuge for all of the Aryan peoples of the earth, wherein all of the Children of the Sun, from every one of our scattered nations across the globe, shall live in peace and prosperity and dignity, free of all oppression and contamination of both the body and the spirit. In these lands we shall at long last secure the existence of our people and a future for white children…

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Danny Burros: Honorary Jew

It can be argued that Danny Burros, the Jew who infiltrated Rockwell's American Nazi Party was more devoted to the cause than most of our own people. Throughout the years we've watched countless allies come and go, some have even joined the opposition. The movement for Danny however meant so much that when he was doxxed by the New York Times it actually drove him to suicide. In fact, Danny's last words were long live the white race. 

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Hold Back This Day

Of all the dystopian literature I've read I'd have to say the most memorable book of that genre would be Ward Kendall's Hold Back This Day. What differentiates his book from the rest is the prominence of the racial question within the narrative. The novel depicts a world of Brown Supremacy endeavoring to eradicate whiteness through miscegenation. It also endeavors to rewrite history by supplanting the achievements of white people with those of minorities. What little is left of whiteness in the history books is only there to denigrate and shame their legacy. Sound familiar yet? Now what's ironic in this novel is that all the mongrels are different shades of brown. Problem solved, right? Well, there's still a sense of diversity, and you know what they say about diversity here in Jewmerica: Diversity Is Our Strength, goy. So, what we have now is brown people fighting each other because they're a lighter or darker shade of mud.

The Imminent Collapse

Coronavirus Has Rendered Our Struggle Useless

Its been a few weeks now since the initial coronavirus shutdown, and the plight of whitey is less relevant than ever. Not that is was really relevant before either, most whites are repulsed by our talking points. Currently though our struggle has reached an all-time low. In fact, the only whiteness that's of any concern comes in the form of toilet paper.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Pornography Addiction Is Pathetic

There was a bleak time period in my life when all the women were taken, my movie star smile simply would not suffice. I found myself stuck in a state of unwanted solitude suffering immensely. Some people fare well alone. Power to them. For myself however this trajectory has always led to a miserable existence. Loneliness is a curse some of us have to endure. What matters most is how we mitigate the suffering.

Where We Stand

What unites us:

1. Skin color

Poem: The Modern Woman

Show me
a women 
without a 

Who can hold
her own
in a philosophical

Skin Color Will Not Suffice

Skin Color Will Not Suffice